How to integrate the Updater in a game application


It is vital for some applications such as games that have permanent Internet access to constantly have the latest updates installed. To accomplish this, start by following the Using the Updater tutorial and follow the instructions below.

1. Edit the shortcut to launch the application through the updater by using this command line:

/silentall -reducedgui -showaitdlg -restartapp <application_executable_path> -restartappcmd <application_command_line_params>

<application_executable_path> is the full path to the application executable that will be launched when the user cancels the updates.

<application_command_line_params> are the optional command line parameters which will be passed to the executable.

NoteFor detailed information about each command line option, please follow Updater article.

2. Go to the Auto Close Application tab of your Updates Configuration Project and add an entry with the "Restart always" option set. This is mandatory.

3. It is recommended to configure the install UI level of each update to reduced GUI. This can be done by typing /qb in the "Command line" field of each update from the "Properties" tab in the Updates Configuration Project. The Updater will not restart the application after the updates are installed because the application main executable may change.

By integrating the updater as described in this article, it will first search, and then automatically install the found updates immediately, without user intervention. If no updates are found or an error occurs (e.g. no Internet connection, etc.) the application is automatically started.

If there is no Internet connection or the server hosting the updates is down, the user will see the wait dialog for 30 seconds. To avoid this behavior you can try another implementation approach, for example by programatically calling the updater from your application as described in Programatically integrate Updater in various applications article.

NoteThis article can be implemented starting with Advanced Installer 11.6 or later.