How to use Azure DevOps Server (TFS) support in Advanced Installer

If you're wondering how Advanced Installer integrates Azure DevOps Server (TFS), here are the main aspects you need to consider:

Create an .AIPROJ from Visual Studio

The steps are described in the Create an installer from Visual Studio tutorial, all you need to do is follow it. Once you have an Advanced Installer project you can edit, compile or build it on Azure DevOps Server (TFS) collaboration platforms.

NoteTo create or edit a project you must have Advanced Installer on your development machine and to build the project in Azure DevOps Server (TFS) you must have Advanced Installer installed on the build server as well.

Azure DevOps Server (TFS) Build Server Minimum Requirements

  • Visual Studio 2012
  • Advanced Installer 11.4
  • .NET 4.0
  • MSBuild 4.0 32-bit

ImportantThe MSBuild Platform parameter of the Azure DevOps Server (TFS) build definitions should be explicitly set to X86.

For more information you can read the Advanced Installer extension for Visual Studio article.