Advanced Installer for Visual Studio Team Services

Advanced Installer - Tool Installer lets you install a particular version of Advanced Installer on your hosted agents. The version can be downloaded from the internet or the tools cache and is added to the PATH.

Advanced Installer - Build allows you to create a custom task in Team Services to build an Advanced Installer project. The hosted agent must have a version of Advanced Installer installed on it for this task to run.

NoteTool Installers are also supported for Team Foundation Server starting with TFS 2018.

1. Install the extensions

Make sure you to install both extensions on your hosted agents and enable in Team Services the "Task tool installers”preview feature for your account. Next, you will have to add and configure the build tasks.

2. Add the Tool Installer task

From the Tool tab add the Advanced Installer Tool Installer.

3. Add the Build task

From the Package tab add the Advanced Installer Build.

4. Configure the Tool Installer task

Tool Installer needs to run first because the Build task requires a version of Advanced Installer installed on the hosted agent.

5. Configure the Advanced Installer Build task

6. Video tutorial

VSTS integration for Advanced Installer