Languages Tab

Advanced Installer has the ability to build VSIX packages in various languages.

Selecting additional build languages

Check the check-box button next to the desired language in the tree. For each language a separate VSIX package will be built with the code page set to the default ANSI code page of that language.

The language in which the project was created in the Start Page is set as default. Any build must have at least one language. The languages are grouped by their relation.

NoteEach language increases the package size with about 40 - 50 Kilobytes (depending on the strings it contains).

When the package is installed the language will be selected according to the regional settings on the target computer.

Filtering visible build languages

By default, only selected languages and languages with translations are showed. You can choose to only see the selected languages or all the possible languages (that is the ones without translation as well).

Warning!If you select a language without translations build in, Advanced Installer will try to get the translation strings from the closest related language. This may be or may not be what you want. The Neutral language (ASCII US English) is used as the parent of all languages and generic fall back.