Create Windows 7 Installers

The operating system newly released by Microsoft, Windows 7 is widely expected to become the most installed and used OS on personal computers. Just like with Vista or XP, Advanced Installer is already there, helping you employ its new features, making sure your applications integrate perfectly and your installers run without any issues on Windows 7.

Target Windows 7 with your installers

Create Windows 7 installersCreate installers that run on any Windows Operating System, from the oldest Windows 95 and NT to the latest Windows 7 and Vista.

Target specific features or versions by simply specifying required install conditions:

Use Windows 7 features in your installers

Advanced Installer excels in exposing operating system functionality to your installers in an extremely easy-to-use manner. To the already available Vista Installer features (UAC, Restart Manager, Auto-Close and many more), we also added for Windows 7 and Windows Installer 5.0:

Hyperlink control
  • Hyperlink Control for MSI GUIs
  • Fast Installs (for large packages)
  • Single Package Authoring (for per-user applications)
  • Enhanced Service Configuration
  • Taskbar progressTaskbar Progress for lengthy operations in Enhanced UI/EXE installers, Updater, Repackager and Advanced Installer itself

Get the “Compatible with Windows 7” logo

Give your users another reason to trust you. Packages created with Advanced Installer effortlessly and by default meet the “Compatible with Windows 7” logo requirements, just like they met the certification requirements for the “Certified for Windows Vista Logo Program”.