Advantages over WiX

Easy to Learn


Advanced Installer

Easy to learn

Complex features made simple

Intuitive UI

WiX Installer

Steep learning curve

Programming required

Advanced Installer is very easy to learn both if you are new to making installers or a seasoned professional. Its intuitive UI will help you make packages fast, and save you precious time.

Easy to Learn


Advanced Installer

Built-in features (Dialog Editor, Licensing, Updater, Localization, etc.)

Constant feature updates

WiX Installer

All features need to be implemented

High costs for creating features

Reducing costs and development time are two key factors in delivering a successful product. Save time and money by using Advanced Installer for your software deployment, this way you can focus on developing your product, instead of how to install it.

Easy to Learn


Advanced Installer

24/7 Support team

Large community

WiX Installer

Costly dedicated support

Community and support are essential, so check our Forums or contact our support to solve any of your installer issues.


By looking at all the advantages, it's clear that the easiest way to create Windows installers is with Advanced Installer. For more information, check our features page.

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