Discontinuing XP support

Written by Bogdan Mitrache · December 3rd, 2018


As a Microsoft partner, Advanced Installer supports all the official Windows versions, and we will continue to do so with every new update, but as the platform evolves, so does our application. Evolution always implies that some things are left behind to make room for better solutions.

We plan that our mid-2019 release will be the last one supporting Windows XP, but you will still be able to use older versions of Advanced Installer to create installers for XP users.

What are your plans for XP going forward into 2019?

Please let us know, your feedback is very important to us. It is the primary driver for all the improvements we included in Advanced Installer over the years. We greatly appreciate if you take the time and fill the feedback form below (just 2 questions, we promise!).

Thank you!

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