Main Window
Advanced Installer main window
New Project
Creating a new Advanced Installer project
Windows 10
Advanced Installer running on Windows 10
Windows 8.1
Advanced Installer running on Windows 8.1
Surface Theme
An installer using the Surface UI theme
Windows 7
Advanced Installer running on Windows 7
Modern Theme
An installer using the Modern UI theme
Windows Vista
Advanced Installer running on Windows Vista
Azure Theme
An installer using the Azure UI theme
Vista Installer
MSI installer with Classic theme running on Vista
Graphite Theme
An installer using the Graphite UI theme
Dialog Editor
Editing Windows Installer dialogs
Chinese MSI
Running a MSI localized in Chinese
Direct Editor
Editing MSI database tables directly
Predefined Dialogs
Add predefined installer dialogs
Java Products
Defining a Java product
JVM Parameters
Specifying the Java Virtual Machine parameters
Specifying installation prerequisites
Windows Features
Configure Windows Server on install
Downloading Prerequisites
Setup bootstrapper downloading and installing a prerequisite
Windows Server Roles
Select Windows Server Roles to install
Advanced Updater
Configuring the Updater
Updates Found
Update description
Updates Project
Creating an Updates Configuration File
Environment Variables
Specifying a directory to be appended to the PATH environment variable
Files and Folders
Working with files, folders and shortcuts
File Associations
Associating a file extension with your application
Installing Services
Installing a Win32 service
MSI Organization
Organizing MSI packages in Features and Components
Configuring IIS
Deploying web sites and web applications on IIS
Microsoft Web Deploy
Deploying Windows Azure Web Sites
SQL Databases
Configure database servers and deploy SQL scripts during install
Installing ODBC drivers, data sources and translators
Serial Code Validation
Validating serial codes upon install
Capture and repackage existing installations into MSI packages
Repackager Quality Assessment
Repackager QA - compare and configure the captured resources.
Patch Project
Configure a patch project
Visual Studio Project Import
Import Visual Studio project
Eclipse Workspace Import
Import an Eclipse workspace
Games Explorer Rating
Configure game ratings and content descriptors
Windows Firewall Exceptions
Define firewall rules for applications and ports
App-V Installer
Create an installer using App-V
SCCM Deployment
Deploy applications to SCCM server
XML Element Settings
Configure XML file elements.
ASP.NET Installer
Deploy ASP.NET web applications
CD/DVD AutoRun
Create AutoRun for CD or DVD deployment
EXE Bootstrapper
Configure an EXE build
Bootstrapper UI
Configure EXE build UI
Windows Store Packages
Create AppX packages
ISO 19770-2 Software Identification Tag
Software Identification Tagging

Advanced Installer - Features