Use the latest releaseAdvanced Installer is evolving constantly. Problems are fixed, features are implemented. Please download and install the latest version.RSS FeedsAlways stay up to date by using the bundled or by subscribing to one of the Advanced Installer.

Search the FAQA knowledge base of questions and issues that appear most often. Visit the ForumsOften an area for brainstorming and problem-solving, you'll find there countless examples and how-tos.
Read the User Guide The User Guide, also included in the downloaded package, is chock-full of information on the Advanced Installer functionality and how to enable it. VideosVisually discover the features and functionality of Advanced Installer. Explore and learn how to leverage its powerful GUI.

Contact the Support TeamWe will usually answer your email within 24 hours, but most often within minutes of receiving it, especially if it is something urgent.Orders and CustomersTo review your order information, or if you have questions about ordering, payment, or shipping procedures, please visit our Shopper Support pages.

ImportantWe can also take your inquiries over the phone, but usually reply in an email. This is because answering installer questions takes time, it can't be done instantly. Research must be done, issues are reproduced, answers are looked up, etc. But in the end, each of your questions is answered by an actual high-level engineer, not by someone reading a script.

Help us help you

When reporting a problem, please do not forget to tell us what Advanced Installer version you are using. Also, send a zipped archive containing the following files:

  • The AIP project file, if it doesn't contain any confidential information - or - a similar, simplified project reproducing the issue
  • The log obtained by running the created MSI

They will help us greatly to provide a solution in the shortest possible time.

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