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Includes a 6-month Maintenance Plan

Get access to free application updates (both major and minor) and free technical support.

Track how your users install, upgrade or remove your application.

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During trial you can access all the features below by creating or upgrading an existing project to the desired project(license) type. Features access is limited by our GUI only based on your project type.

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TipPlease visit our feature comparison matrix for help deciding which Advanced Installer edition (Professional, For Java, Enterprise or Architect) is right for you.

Over 10030%

Volume Discounts

The table on the right shows the discounts available when purchasing multiple Advanced Installer licenses. These discounts will be automatically applied according to the Quantity field on the next page.

Since Advanced Installer is licensed per user (not per machine) you should compute the number of licenses you need based on the number of people using our product in your organization.

Installer Analytics Promotion

A 15% discount is automatically applied for any Installer Analytics subscription purchased together with an Advanced Installer product. This discount automatically applies to the base prices available in Installer Analytics Pricing page.

Annual subscriptions are already discounted with 15%, so for those you get a 30% cumulated discount.

Free Trial. You get a one time free 6 months trial with any Advanced Installer purchase you make. You can also sign up for our 2-month trial for Installer Analytics, if you currently don't need to purchase any Advanced Installer products.

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