AppXPackage once, deploy anywhere. Package and deliver applications for the entire Windows 10 platform using the latest version of Advanced Installer. Get your app in front of the biggest users base an OS ever had through the Windows Store and our Desktop Bridge support.

Build UWP app packages from MSI projects

Build an Universal Windows Platform app package (aka Project Centennial) starting from your MSI projects in Advanced Installer. With just a few clicks you can generate both an MSI and UWP package from a single project.

Build WSA app packages from MSI projects

Stay on top of the IT world, prepare for Windows Server 2016 deployment and Nano Server. Generate both Windows Installer and Windows Server App packages from a single Advanced Installer project.

Build UWP packages from scratch for full UWP apps

Advanced Installer is the only non-Microsoft tool that can package native UWP apps. Create your custom UWP package from scratch or edit one that you generated with Visual Studio, directly from our GUI.

Dedicated GUI for advanced configuration

Get full control over the contents of your AppX package with a dedicated GUI. Customize it in minutes.

Desktop App Converter - Win32 to UWP

Capture installations of Win32/.NET desktop applications and convert them to UWP apps. On top of the converter from Microsoft, Advanced Installer is the only tool that can convert an application no matter if its original installer can be run silently or not. Editing the contents of your package is crucial and very easy thanks to our highly intuitive GUI.

Advanced Installer is here to help you stay on top of all your packaging and deployment challenges, collaborating with the Microsoft teams along the way.

Visual Studio Integration

Get your UWP and MSI packages built directly from your Visual Studio solution.

Built-in integration with MSBuild for perfect continuous integration.

Updater for UWP packages

Our classic Auto-Updater has been upgraded for Windows 10 and UWP. Now you can use it to automatically update sideloaded AppX packages.