Desktop Bridge Setup Converter

The Desktop Bridge Setup Converter is a free tool built by our team that allows you to package any Windows desktop application as an AppX (for the Desktop Bridge) and publish into the Windows Store, or sideload the package on your machine, for testing your applications' behavior inside an UWP container.

App-V Context Launcher

App-V Context Launcher is a free tool built by us that allows you to run natively installed applications inside an App-V bubble.

Download App-V Context Launcher

Tweak App-V

TweakAppV is a free tool built by us that allows you to customize App-V 5.x packages from the command line.

Download TweakAppV

RC Text Bounds Checker

The RC Text Bounds Checker is a free tool built and used by us that helps you build an application UI which will look good on any screen size, no matter its DPI settings.

Download RC Text Bounds Checker

MSI Conflict Detector

The MSI Conflict Detector is a free tool that allows you to monitor a repository of MSI packages (no matter with what tool they were built) for breaking conflicts. It can be run manually with full UI or from within scripts, called programmatically.