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Upgrade not working

Wed Jan 06, 2010 12:58 pm


We have install program created in InstallShield as Windows installer MSI package. New version of our program (install package created in Advanced Installer 7.3.1) was to upgrade previous version. I created upgrade entry in Upgrades page by selecting InstallShield's generated package but application won't upgrade. Seems that new install does not discover previous one (no entry in install log). I created simple package (Enterprise MSI project) in Advanced Installer that was only to uninstall InstallShield package but no lack. Seems like previous installs are not detected. What should I check?

Thanks in advance, Marcin.

I found why previous install was not found. Previous install was build as "Per-user" package and current one is build as "Per-machine" package. I created custom action that sets product code of the application I want to uninstall to the property used by FindRelatedProducts after FindRelatedProducts is called by installer. That way I inform installer to uninstall this application and it works. Sorry for the mess, but maybe this information will be usefull to others after all.

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