Licenses FAQ

How can I purchase a license?

From our Purchase page.

How can I upgrade my license and access more features?

From our License Upgrades page you can purchase your license upgrade.

The license key remains the same, all you need to do is to run the registration wizard one more time in Advanced Installer.

To access the features from the new edition to which you upgraded open the project in Advanced Installer, in the toolbar, go to Home -> Options -> Project Type tab and select the desired project type.

Can I use one license on multiple machines?

Advanced Installer is licensed per-developer. This means that the developer which owns the license can use it on any machine he wants as long as no other developers use his license.

Is there a limit to the number of machines on which I can deploy a package?

No, there is no limit. With a licensed version of Advanced Installer, you can create an unlimited number of install packages and you can distribute them royalty free to an unlimited number of users, to be installed on an unlimited number of computers.

Why did I receive only one license key for multiple licenses?

If you purchase multiple licenses of the same type they will be associated with the same license key. Therefore, the same license key can be used for all the licenses associated with it.

TipYou can find out the number of licenses associated with your license key in the Customer Information page.

I got a message saying "Maintenance Plan Expiration". Did my license expire?

No. Advanced Installer licenses never expire. This message does not affect your currently installed license or initial maintenance plan. It is a simple notification which lets you know that your maintenance plan ended. You can still freely use any of the Advanced Installer versions released during its validity period.

I want multiple developers to work with Advanced Installer. How many licenses do I need?

Advanced Installer is licensed per-developer. This means that each developer working with it needs a separate license. For example, 5 developers need 5 licenses.

Do you offer Floating Licenses?

Yes, we have a floating option for the Enterprise and Architect licenses. You can select it for purchase after clicking “Buy” our Purchase page.

You need one floating license for each developer using the product concurrently. For example, 5 developers can use only 2 floating licenses, but only up to 2 of them at the same time.

For more information regarding Floating license please see this article : Floating License.

What do I do when a developer with a license leaves the company or is reassigned?

If you have multiple licenses purchased under the same license key, you can assign the licenses internally in your company. However, if you have a separate license for the developer, please contact us so we can modify the license information.

I have several licenses and I want to buy more. What do I do?

You can make the purchase and then contact us. If you want, we can collapse all your licenses under the same license key and redistribute your existing maintenance plans accordingly.