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Automatic debugging tool for MSIX Installations.

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MSIX Troubleshooter helps software engineers track the possible issues during the MSIX installation process.

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Repackage your installer to MSIXIssue Diagnosis Report
  • Smart EventLog Filter for highlighting the most relevant installation issues
  • Learn about the most common error codes here
Create MSIX, APPX MSI, App-V, EXE - all from the same projectExtra issues checkings
  • Code signing certificate expiration date
  • Internet access - for .appinstaller files
Dedicated GUIAutomatic logs investigation and analysis
  • Structured information of the OS’s multiple logs generated for all MSIX packages
Packaging OptionsReady-to-use diagnosis information
  • Helps you cut the manual troubleshooting and time-consuming logs tracking, prone to human error
MSIX Troubleshooter

How does MSIX Troubleshooter work?

Unlike MSI logging, an MSIX installation does not have the support to generate a single log file when you install a package. Instead, the OS generates multiple EventLogs for each MSIX package that gets installed on the machine. You can manually browse these logs if you open Event Viewer and go to:

  • AppxPackagingOM › Microsoft-Windows-AppxPackaging/Operational
  • AppXDeployment-Server › Microsoft-Windows-AppXDeploymentServer/Operational

The OS always generates these logs - you can’t enable or disable logging for a dedicated MSIX package. This makes troubleshooting inconvenient and time-consuming because of the log-noise generated by other packages from the machine.

MSIX Troubleshooter V1

In the first version of the MSIX Troubleshooter, we are filtering the EventLogs while trying to display the most relevant information. For more details on the return codes listed in the logs please check the Microsoft docs.

The MSIX Troubleshooter also performs additional custom checks based on the information from the package, as mentioned above.

Help us improve the future versions of the MSIX Troubleshooter, send us your feedback at:

support at advanced installer dot com