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Updater elevating problem with changed code signing certificate

We use the updater feature with "Support Service". So users can update without elevating.
Unfortunately this does only work if the code sign certificate of updater is same as the new setup, otherwise uac prompt for elevating is shown.
Our certificate (Azure trusted signing) is only valid for one year.
So if the certificate is reissued from azure, updating without elevating is not possible. Do you have any hint to handle this?
Thank you
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Re: Updater elevating problem with changed code signing certificate

Hello Derrin,

If you migrate to a new certificate that has a changed Subject, please check the Installing only digitally signed updates article.

When you renew your certificate you should always check its Subject and make sure it hasn't changed. If so, then you must implement the workaround solution exposed in "Migrating to a new certificate" section. This solution is only available if the old certificate has not yet expired.

Let us know if you have any questions.

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