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Learn how to work with Windows Installer (MSI) packages

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msi packaging ebook
With almost two decades of experience as an IT Pro engineer and manager in enterprises under his sleeve, Alex Marin has managed a huge amount of end-users and has many stories to share about the industry.
When he is not tinkering with his own tools and scripts, Alex loves teaching the secrets of Windows Installer either by writing a new article or through his videos, posted on the Advanced Installer Youtube channel. In this book, he's sticking to the fundamentals of application packaging. Mainly, on the useful foundations that software engineers currently developing or managing Windows Applications can put into practice.
IT PRO | Packaging Lead | Author

The 200-page MSI packaging blueprint:

What is Windows Installer and what are the tools to use for application packagingWhat is the structure of a windows installer packagePractical scenarios on “How to create MSIs“A practical approach of capturing / re-packaging EXE installationsHow to create and use MSI Transform files (MST)How to create Patches (MSP)How to create Suite installationsl approach of the debugging and testing the MSI

MSI Packaging Training ebook is a practical guide for all the professionals seeking to leverage MSI's software for faster and more efficient applications packaging and deployment.

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