Extensive IIS supportIIS

Web Sites, Virtual Directories and Web Applications, App-Pools, User Accounts.

Multilingual and Localized installersMultilingual and Localized

Over 30 translations ready to use, easy to modify and create.

Installer ThemesThemes

Over 50 built-in beautiful themes give your installer a professional look.

Software PrerequisitesPrerequisites

Search for, download and install prerequisite applications, frameworks and run-times.

Custom ActionsCustom Actions

Extend your installer's capabilities by executing your code during install.

Digital SignaturesDigital Signatures

Automatically add digital signatures on generated or included files.

Install ServicesServices

Install, register and control (start, stop, etc.) Windows services.


Install and easily set the attributes on ODBC drivers, data sources, and translators.

File AssociationsFile Associations

Associate files extensions with your application to open, edit, view or print.

MS COM supportCOM

Specify COM, COM+ and DCOM components for registration during install.

Windows Features configuration supportWindows Features

Enable the Windows 10/11 optional features your application requires.

Build multiple installerMultiple Installer Builds

Build and maintain multiple installer variants from a single project.

Add-in Installer TemplatesOffice Add-ins

Easily create installers for popular software platform extensions, plug-ins and add-ins using the included specialized templates.

Automation interfaceAutomation

Modify your installer projects from command-line, in scripts or batch processing.

MSIX - Desktop BridgeMSIX(AppX) - Desktop Bridge

Full support to build MSIX packages for your Win32/.NET applications, from your existing projects, through the Desktop Bridge.

TilesApplication Tiles

Customize your application tiles for the Windows 10 Start Menu and Start Screen.

EXE bootstrapperEXE bootstrapper

Bootstrap your MSI or AppX package into an EXE file with a custom icon, description, and version.

Mixed 32/64-bit installersMixed 32/64-bit installers

Author single, unified installers for both 32-bit and 64-bit platforms.

Search target computerSearch

Search for components, files, folders, registry and INI entries during install.

Installer organizationOrganization

Separate components, features, and CABs for optional install or download.

Native Java LauncherNative Launcher

Make a native launcher for your Java applications and customize the process name, file name, icon, version, splash-screen, JRE/JDK detection and selection, user-friendly error handling.

Mac OS X application bundlesMac OS X

From the same familiar IDE, create standard and native application bundles for your Java products to be installed on Mac OS X computers. No Mac is necessary.

64-bit support64-bit

Build 64-bit installers with native 64-bit Java launchers able to load your application into discovered (or bundled) 64-bit JREs.

Install ServicesServices

Quickly and easily create, package, install and run Win32 services written in Java just like native Windows services.