Can’t decide between Microsoft MSIX Packaging Tool,
Advanced Installer Express, and Advanced Installer Architect?

All of the above are authoring tools that enable MSIX technology. Over and above the other two, Advanced Installer Architect is the only one that enhances MSIX technology.

If you need a side-by-side feature comparison this page is for you.

Each tool can be used in different situations:

MSIX Packaging Tool

A free tool to test the conversion to an MSIX package

Advanced Installer Express

Offers a rich GUI to create, convert, compare MSIX packages

Advanced Installer Architect

Is a mature product developed to support/address the complex, dynamic packaging effort in the enterprise environment

Microsoft MSIX Packaging Tool
Advanced Installer
Free download
Advanced Installer
Free 30-day trial
Functional Differentiators
MSIX converter
Converter engine integration with Hyper-V or VMware
Dedicated GUI for editing package/project contents
extremely limitedRich GUIRich GUI
Project-based package management - Reload, edit and rebuild your MSIX package in seconds
Command line interface for project editing/maintenance
Create MSIX package from scratch (for in-house applications)
PSF Integration (Package Support Framework)

Automatic PSF fixups
Shortcuts Arguments & WorkinDir easily configurable from the GUI
AppData - automatic redirection to PackageCache folder
Smart Package Manifest Editor
MSIX Comparison tool
MSIX Dependencies
Automatic .AppInstaller Generation
Generate MSIX Bundles
MSIX Package Editor with dedicated GUI
Create MSIX Modification Packages
MSIX Modification Packages Editor with dedicated GUI
Create MSIX Optional Packages
Build MSIX & MSI & App-V from a single project
MSI & App-V Editor with dedicated GUI
Visual Studio Integration
Azure DevsOps Integration
UWP Package editor (i.e.: MSIX package for native UWP apps)
Pricing & Licensing
PerpetualPerpetualPerpetual plus first-year Maintenance included
Updates schedule
Learning Curve
Lots of manual editing in areas without a dedicated GUI - error prone.Intuitive, easy to use also by beginners.Intuitive, easy to use also by beginners.
Customer Support
StandardLimited based on availability and Forum24h responsive time

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