MSI, MSIX, and App-V Packaging Software

Repackage old installers, build MSIs for in-house apps or generate MSIX and App-V packages, all from a single project, using Advanced Installer Architect edition, IT Pros’ best software packaging and deployment tool.
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Main Packagers

Repackager - VM integration & Automation

Automate and streamline your (re)packaging process with our native integrations for VMware, Hyper-V and RDP.

MSI/MST Editor

Create and edit your transforms using the intuitive GUI or directly from our MSI tables editor.


Package once, deploy anywhere. Package and deliver applications for the entire Windows 10 platform using the latest version of Advanced Installer.

Repository Management

Keep your packaging team in sync. Use the built-in repository manager from Advanced Installer to share repackager profiles, project templates, and many other useful resources.

MSI Wrapper

Speed up your packaging pipeline. No scripting, just a simple, highly configurable GUI to wrap and sequence as many setups as you want in one single MSI.
MSI Wrapper in Advanced Installer

Application Virtualization

Build and edit App-V 5.x packages. Generate both an MSI and an App-V package from the same project, using our GUI or automatically through the help of our command-line tools.


Create packages fully compatible for deployment through GPO, SCCM or Intune.

Software Asset Management Ready

Quickly identify and manage your applications by using the latest ISO standards for tagging (ISO 19770-2 Software Tagging). Improve your software asset management and allow for better license optimization.

Royalty Free Packaging Solution

You can create an unlimited number of packages and you can distribute them royalty free to an unlimited number of users, to be installed on an unlimited number of computers.