Advanced Installer #1 alternative to the WiX Toolset

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The very extended open-source WiX looked good but required a steep learning curve.

At the time of making our final decision, we decided to focus on our main goal: to save the precious time of our developers.

Hans-Leo Teulings
Phd - Ceo, Neuroscript, Llc

Advanced Installer helps software engineers coming from WiX Toolset speed up their packaging process and drastically flatten the learning curve.

Visual Studio & Azure DevOps integration.

GUI-based interface with shortest learning curve in industry

Dedicated wizard to migrate WiX projects

Free version that can be used for commercial purposes.

Built-in features monthly updated

CLI option for automation-coding enthusiasts enabling integration in the editing packaging process

From WiX Toolset to Advanced Installer - software packaging scenarios

Explore common Wix Toolset scenarios and learn how easy it is to implement them within your new Advanced Installer project.

Migration Guide

Do you prepare to migration from WiX to Ai - this is what you need to know:

You get full support to import WiX Toolset projects in Advanced Installer

You don’t have to start from scratch - Advanced Installer supports Wix projects through its dedicated WiX Import Wizard.

Just go in the Start Page-Developers-Import and select WiX Project.

The obvious differences between WiX Toolset and Advanced Installer

The Wix components approach.

Windows Installer XML Toolset builds the Windows Installer package with the information defined in the WiX source file (XML based).

Advanced Installer GUI approach.

Advanced Installer reduces the complexity and manages the power of Windows Installer through the dedicated GUI.

Open-source versus commercial.

  • Reducing costs and development time are two key factors in delivering a successful product.
  • Save time and money by using a packaging software that allows you to focus on developing your product, instead of how to build the installer for it.
What should you pay attention to when migrating from WiX to AI?

WiX Scripting - there is a limitation in importing wix build scripts.

Advanced Installer offers alternative options like templates or bundles to eliminate manual scripting and everything is supported through GUI.

Going Further with Advanced Installer

Once you have your new Advanced Installer project, these articles are a great way to start optimizing your packaging process.

Get the most from packaging with Advanced Installer Architect

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