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How to create an installer for a .net Windows service app using Visual Studio

Group msix shortcuts in start menu

Group MSIX Shortcuts in the Start Menu

Ai v19

Advanced Installer 19.9 Released

Log on as a service policy

The meaning of “Log on as a Service” and when to use the “Log on as a Service” policy?

Jenkins plugin

Advanced Installer Plugin for Jenkins

Support windows 11 on arm

Advanced Installer Support for Windows 11 on ARM

Create msi installer with visual studio

How to create MSI installers with Visual Studio

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How to Uninstall an MSI package - 7 Methods to Use in the Enterprise Environment

Find exe silent install switches

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Ai v19

Advanced Installer 19.8 Released

Process monitor beginner guide

Getting started with Procmon: The Beginner’s Guide to Monitoring Windows Systems

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Introducing: Windows 11 Context Menu In Advanced Installer

Smart app control windows 11 compatibility

Your app installation is 100% SAC compatible with Advanced Installer

Ai v19

Advanced Installer 19.7 Released

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Automating the Repackaging Process of SCCM Applications in a Remote Virtual Machine

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The gray area between Installation Testing and Application Testing

What is software packaging

What is software packaging and why is it important?

Msi retrieve productcode

How to find the ProductCode GUID of an installed MSI

Ai v19

Advanced Installer 19.6 Released