Installing MSIX with PowerShell

Before we dive into using PowerShell to manage MSIX installations, here's a list of the primary PowerShell cmdlets used for managing packages:




Used to install a signed *.msix or *.appx application along with related and dependent packages.


This cmdlet is used to provide a list of *.msix and *.appx applications on the device.


Used to remove a signed *.msix or *.appx application from the device.


Can be used to read the manifest of an installed application as an XML object.

PowerShell cmdlets for managing MSIX applications

Note: Each of these commandlets support appx and msix styled packages and are aliased, such that Add-AppPackage (without the X) is the same as Add-AppXPackage. We will show the name using the X in this book to highlight that we are talking about MSIX.

With these four cmdlets, you can handle most of your MSIX management needs. Make sure to familiarize yourself with the above cmdlets as they are frequently used.