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Microsoft Windows Vista introduced significant improvements in the areas of user interface, security and performance. Advanced Installer helps you take advantage of these new features, while making sure your installers seamlessly integrate and run without any issues on the new operating system.

Target Vista with your installers

Installers created with Advanced Installer are designed to run flawlessly on Windows Vista. Your installers will install on the entire range of Microsoft Operating Systems, all the way from Windows 95 and NT to Windows XP and Vista.

If certain Vista features or application versions are required, you can specify them as install conditions for your application with just a couple of clicks:

Use Vista features in your installers

Advanced Installer supports the new User Account Control (UAC) in Vista and helps create user friendly and optimized installs with minimal UAC elevation prompts by:

  • Allowing you to specify the desired execution level for your installers to minimise elevation dialogs
  • Digitally signing your installers for friendlier security prompts and improved customer perception
  • Letting you digitally sign any eligible file included in your installation in a single, simple build step

Minimize reboots when installing your applications through Advanced Installer's Restart Manager support for an improved application shutdown. You can also enjoy the similar Auto Close Applications functionality in the Updater.

Meet the requirements for the Windows Vista Logo

Give your customers piece of mind. Gain their trust and their confidence in you and your products. Open the gates of the Enterprise market for your applications. Get some good PR. Just a few reasons to obtain the "Certified for Windows Vista" logo.

Advanced Installer helps you to easily author installs that meet the installation section of the certification requirements for the Certified for Windows Vista Logo Program:

  1. Use Windows Installer (MSI) for installation
  2. Support User Account Control for Installation
  3. Install to correct folders (Program Files or the user's AppData)
  4. Correctly Configure Package Identity
  5. Install Windows Resources Properly
  6. Follow Best Practices for Creating Custom Actions
  7. Avoid Reboots During Installation
  8. Support Command Line Installation
  9. Follow Component Rules

Work on Windows Vista

Advanced Installer was tested and it runs flawlessly on Windows Vista in all development scenarios:

  • as a regular user (non-administrator) - allows testing your installs directly from inside the IDE as they would be run by a standard user
  • with elevated privileges - avoids all those UAC dialogs while developing your installers