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The installer is the first part of your application seen by the user. A good impression is essential for your success, while a smooth, simple install experience ensures a higher rate of happy users.

However, dedicating more resources for your installer could mean less time for your main product. To solve this dilemma Advanced Installer strives to create not only powerful, rock-solid installers out-of-the box, but also beautiful, intuitive and easy to use installer User Interfaces.

Classic Themes

From its very beginning, Advanced Installer has carefully engineered DPI-aware MSIs with adaptive controls and image scaling. As refinement to the UI standards, our designers have provided over 40 prepackaged themes, ready to use a mouse click away.

Enhanced Themes

With the advent of our Enhanced Native UI, we were eager to expose the power and functionality made possible with no more work from you than a simple selection. A set of built-in, native themes were added to Classic:

Red SurfaceBreezeLight CoralMetalLight CyanLight Sky Blue
White SurfaceWhiteOrangeBlue CaveRed IlusiaLavender

Theme Variations

Each built-in theme offers countless stylistic variations able to satisfy even the most critic eye. Starting from the system look and feel you can tweak your themes to perfection with alternative backgrounds, colors, window frames and other provided UI elements.

Customize Your Theme

Of course, all themes are fully customizable. Using our Dialog Editor you can change, improve or even create your own extended HTML 5 theme from scratch.

Add your own PNGs, large 256x256 true color Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/Vista icons, Command Link controls, any HTML, hyperlinks, transparent controls/images and more. Let your imagination run wild.

This feature is available starting with the Professional Suite. See more features.