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how can i re-install my msi

Hello everyone,

I'm aiming to streamline the installation process for my MSI package. I want the setup to automatically uninstall and reinstall the application, regardless of the version currently installed. This means that if the MSI file is executed and any version of the software is already installed, it should not prompt the user with options for uninstallation or maintenance. Instead, it should directly proceed to uninstall the existing version and perform a fresh installation.

Is there a way to achieve this requirement?

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Re: how can i re-install my msi

Hello and welcome to our forums,

I'm afraid that Windows Installer does not support the installation of the same version over the one that is already installed. It either goes to the maintenance mode or displays the "Another version of this product is already installed..." message.

Two products with the same ProductCode can not be installed on the same computer. Windows Installer will prevent this.

For EXE package we have support to uninstall the current version if it is already installed.

You can check the "Uninstall a package with the same version (if found)" option from the Builds page.

If a package with the same product code and version as the current package is already installed, enabling this option will uninstall it.

Hope this helps!

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