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Update feature display at runtime

Hello, I have a strange problem and did not find any answer, maybe someone can hep me.

I developed a custom action to update the features in the dialog CustomizeDlg.
Each time the dialog open, I launch my custom action that hide or show the features I want.

The problem is that is working fine for one AI project and do not work for another AI project.
In the first project, the feature is disabled and hide, in the second project, the feature is disabled but still present on the tree.

Anybody have an idea ?

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Re: Update feature display at runtime

Hello Mike,

I'm not sure why this happens.

Can you please send us the .AIP (setup project) files (for both projects) by email to support at advancedinstaller dot com so we can further test and investigate this?

Best regards,
Liviu Sandu - Advanced Installer Team
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