Installer Analytics 2.9 Release


Grab a sneak peek on the latest features we’ve included in version 2.9 of Installer Analytics. The most important mentions being: integrations with other analytics platforms, time zone bounded reports and more detailed information about your user base.


Installer Analytics can now send your data to a connected account you own with: Google Analytics, Segment or Mixpanel.

You can use these integrations to build your own custom queries or cross the Installer Analytics data with the one from your website and compare downloads over completed installations?


Time Zone Configuration

Set the base time zone against which all the data is processed and displayed in your reports.

Until now all the reports were generated on the GMT time, today you can customize this to serve more efficient your most active users (see the Geographic report), by setting the time zone the same as theirs. Or you can choose to have all reports generated based on your headquarters time zone, if you’re building a world wide used product.


These are the most important change from our latest release, but along with them we also introduced a lot of many other improvements that make the service more reliable and more easy for you to leverage its data and grow your business.

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