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What is software packaging

What is software packaging and why is it important?

Handle desktop shortcuts through msix

How to Handle Desktop Shortcuts through MSIX Packages

Introducing msix sparse packaging

Ready for MSIX Sparse Packages - Keeping non-UWP desktop apps relevant to new Windows APIs & features

How to create sparse package

How to Create a Sparse Package

How to replace clickonce with msix

How to Replace ClickOnce application with MSIX

App crash when modify msix user registry

How to fix application crash when modifying MSIX user registry using Windows 10 V2004

Banner launch bat file from msix shortcut

How to launch or call .BAT file from an MSIX shortcut

Banner troubleshooting msix errors

Troubleshooting MSIX Installation Errors with the Free MSIX Troubleshooter tool

Msix enterprise 2022

MSIX Predictions for 2022 - What to expect

File redirection limitation msix container banner

How to fix file redirection for Win32 applications running in an MSIX container

Deploy msix packages with intune

How to deploy MSIX Packages with Microsoft Intune

Msix registry not visible

Why is the MSIX Registry not visible on the machine?

Msix limitations

MSI vs MSIX: Practical Side-by-Side Comparison and Limitations

Banner create msix python app

How to Create and Test an MSIX for a Python Application

Banner automate package validation

How to Automate MSIX Package Validation with MSIX Tweaker?

Banner how to fix msix limitations with psf

The most common MSIX limitations and how to fix them with the Package Support Framework (PSF)

Debug msix psf trace fixups banner

How to debug an MSIX package failure with the Package Support Framework (PSF Trace Fixups)

Msix banner

MSIX Introduction: A comprehensive 24-chapter guide

Msix powershell cmdlets

MSIX PowerShell Cmdlets

Vfs files management

Managing Non-VFS Files when working with an MSIX-packaged application