Advanced Installer 9.9 Release Notes

On February 4th, 2013 Caphyon Ltd. is proud to announce the release of Advanced Installer 9.9 in Free, Professional, Enterprise and Architect editions. This release is available for download on the Advanced Installer website.

The 9.9 release makes the Repackager one of the most powerful tools for System Administrators, supporting fast, automated repackages in clean Virtual Machines. Unleash that Serial Repackager in you!

Automate the user interface of the packages being installed, the repackager itself through a comprehensive Command Line Interface and control VM instances for reproducible, perfect each time, clean-slate installs.

New features
  • Support controlling VM instances from Repackager
  • UI automation for installer packages in Repackager
  • Repackager command line interface
  • Redesigned control event editor
  • Improved UI for editing Custom Action's properties
  • Navigate the Add Custom Action browser using the keyboard
  • Supporting user groups for Check if user exists custom action
  • Updated the license check web server script to check version POST parameter
  • Improved deletion of Virtual Directories and Web Applications in IIS 7
  • Detect required IIS features at install time and install them
  • Include compatibility tag (Windows 7) in autorun.exe manifest file
  • Showing the update info on the right using a vertical splitter
  • Conflict resolution for duplicate website bindings
Bug fixes
  • Empty folders were deleted when editing their properties
  • Prerequisites names were validated against duplicates
  • Per build launch conditions were not saved
  • New project option was disabled after repackaging
  • Smart Condition Edit controls didn't display strings properly
  • Registry picker did not display 64-bit registry values
  • The build dialog ignored check box state on rebuild
  • Multiple builds project did not finish building progress
  • Selection bug in Files and Folders page
  • Fixed INI file removal
  • CAB per Feature was marked as Single MSI with files inside
  • Specific User ASP.NET Impersonation did not allow users with empty passwords
  • Incorrect condition was set for RemoveIniValues standard action
  • Incorrect tab was selected in SharePoint page after project reload
  • InstallLanguage always got installed per machine regardless of install type
  • Media tab from merge modules was not correctly displayed on Windows XP
  • Merge module build failed
  • Duplicated recycling time ignored next values
  • SetupTypeDlg and MaintenenceTypeDlg dialogs from Modern theme were not completely localized by default
  • Show log option was not displayed correctly on Surface theme
  • Check List control was incorrectly displayed on Surface theme
  • Building a project with multiple languages that uses certificate from store produced a crash
  • Trying to pick Signcode.exe, Signtool.exe or MsiMsp.exe when no project is opened produced a crash
  • Bootstrapper failed to launch on Windows 95
  • Crash when deleting references from Custom Actions page
  • Error was thrown when moving an installed custom action
  • Incorrect positioning for custom action when standard actions list was displayed on Move command
  • Clipboard was not populated with custom action name
  • When clicking in Custom Actions page while loading a project a crash occurred
  • Delete button enabled when custom action was being renamed
  • Start image slideshow custom action did not select it automatically like it did with other custom actions
  • CustomFlags column in Shortcut table broke MSI validation performed by Microsoft tools
  • IIS Installation crashed when Classic application pool pipeline mode and ASP.NET registration was used
  • IIS Configuration Import showed the default (port 80) HTTP binding for websites even when they didn't have such bindings
  • IIS configuration backup ended up in wrong folder
  • IIS Installation crashed when delegated web.config file was read-only
  • ApplicationMapping did not register Module dependency on IIS 7
  • Error text which was displayed when launching a package on unsupported processor types could not be edited
  • Test maintenance UI didn't work if no features were installed by default
  • Build fail massage was not displayed if the project was build from CMD
  • /ImportRepack command line crashed Advanced Installer
  • Detected incorrect progress class usage