The fastest way to a modern application package format that will streamline your application deployment on Windows 10.

The MSIX package, created through the Desktop Bridge program, is Microsoft’s vision for the future of Windows Installer. MSIX is a complete containerization solution which inherits all the great features in UWP and most importantly, it applies to all Win32, WPF, Windows Forms, and UWP applications.

Microsoft Partnership

Our commitment to improving the platform led us to build the Express edition, in partnership with Microsoft. Watch Kevin Gallo, VP at Microsoft, announcing it in the following video.

This edition extends the Desktop Bridge platform from Microsoft. It is designed to help developers and IT professionals easily migrate an application to MSIX format, while still building your MSI packages for the Windows 7 users.

Extending the Bridge

The commercial editions of Advanced Installer bring in additional MSIX features that save time both for developers and IT teams, responsible with application packaging and deployment on Windows 10, or older.