SQL ScriptsSQL Databases Integration

Web applications often require additional information from databases during installation. Advanced Installer's SQL Databases support can be used as a standalone feature to configure SQL servers or in collaboration with the Internet Information Services feature for complete web applications deployment scenarios.

SQL Connections

Advanced Installer offers multiple choices that help you select how your installer will connect with the SQL Server:

  • Predefined, SQLite 3 and Custom Connections
  • Use already created connections for Microsoft SQL Azure, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite 3 or define your own custom connection string
  • ODBC support
  • Connect to the SQL Server by using an ODBC Driver with the advantage of being able to connect to a greater range of servers or by using ODBC Data Sources specific with each server type
  • Trusted Connections
  • Connect to Microsoft SQL Server by impersonating the logged on user
  • Test SQL Connections
  • Let your users know if the SQL Server parameters provided in the predefined SQL Connection dialog are correct. The installer will test the connection and continue to perform the changes on the target machine only if the parameters are valid
  • Sandbox Test
  • Test Connections and SQL Queries in an isolated environment on your development machine without actually installing the package

Learn!Configuring Databases with SQL Scripts
Read the introductory tutorial to see how easy it really is

Windows Installer Integration

Advanced Installer provides full Windows Installer integration with the following benefits:

  • Dynamic Configuration
  • Configure your SQL scripts or queries dynamically by using Windows Installer properties and formatted types directly from the installer user interface
  • SQL Script or Query Replacement
  • Built-in support to quickly replace certain sections from your scripts or queries with installer properties in order to create a flexible integration with Windows Installer
  • Transactions Units
  • Group several SQL script files in transaction units ensuring that your query changes will be committed atomically

User Interface Dialogs

Provide an improved user experience by using the predefined dialogs which helps your users select SQL Servers and Databases during installation:

  • SQL Connection dialog
  • Let your users connect to the SQL server by providing the connection parameters during install
  • Browse for SQL Servers dialog
  • Enable your users to select the desired SQL Server to be used from a list of all available servers during installation
  • Browse for Server Databases
  • Select your desired database from a list of those available on the SQL Server during installation

SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)

Configure SSRS deployments which will be executed during installation. Upload reports, datasets or data sources to an instance of Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services.

This feature is available starting with the Enterprise Suite. See more features.