XMLMicrosoft Web Deploy

Microsoft's Web Deploy technology allows you to copy resources, configure databases, certificates, access control and other required dependencies. Use Advanced Installer to integrate this process into your product's installer and target endpoints such as:

The Cloud

Easily target Microsoft Azure Websites. All you need is the web site's publishing profile which you can get from the Azure Portal.

Local or Remote IIS Servers

With Remote Agent Service (MsDepSvc) at its core, this option enables secure operations through HTTP and HTTPS.

Interactive experience

Use Advanced Installer's friendly GUI for quick configuration.

  • Destination Settings
  • Configure the Web Deploy provider, such as IIS Express or Password Decryption, used for the package publishing operation.
  • Parameters
  • Edit parameter values and change text in files when they are deployed (e.g. prompt to replace a connection string).
This feature is available starting with the Enterprise Suite. See more features.