App vApplication Virtualization

More and more companies choose to implement virtual applications because they offer fast and easy deployment, reduced security risks, and the possibility to run multiple versions of the same application, just to name a few benefits.

Advanced Installer comes to your aid with the latest support for Microsoft's App-V and VMware ThinApp technology, which enables you to create packages for virtual applications in minutes.

With no external tools required, you don't have to keep track of third party prerequisites. A very useful advantage is the GUI driven environment which allows you to focus on what's important rather than paying attention to the details of an abstract interaction.

Multiple outputs from the same project with per-build content can shorten development time when maintaining delivery for several related App-V packages.

Application Virtualization (App-v)

Learn!Create an App-V package tutorial
Read the introductory tutorial to see how easy it really is.

Virtualization Compatibility and Automatic Fixes

Assess and plan your packaging process easily by validating your existent, MSI/EXE generating, project against the compatibility rules for App-V and ThinApp.

Get automated fixes (e.g. store drivers in a separate MSI) applied by Advanced Installer, on demand, this will save you time and help adopting industry wide practices, streamlining your packaging process.

Direct App-V GUI/CLI Editor

Advanced Installer's App-V Editor exclusively enables you to open, edit and save App-V 5.x packages from an easy to use GUI. Using our high level interface you will be able to configure diverse elements in the App-V package. Resequencing is not required, saving you lots of time.

As a scripting alternative to the graphical interface editor you can use the TweakAppV.exe command line interface tool. New command options are available allowing you to include fully automated edit scripts into your build system.

MSI to App-V Converter

Use scripts or GUI to directly convert MSI installers to App-V packages. Just as with the App-V Editor, no sequencing is required, saving huge amounts of time on packaging.

App-V sequencer

No external tool required

Application Virtualization (App-V) processing is completely handled by the application. This means there is no need to install other software like Microsoft Application Virtualization Sequencer. Steps in this latter case would be to first create the MSI package and from that configure the App-V package. Using Advanced Installer you shorten development time by directly building the App-V package from the same resources alongside the regular MSI.

GUI driven environment

There are no scripts, command line or any abstract interaction when developing App-V packages with Advanced Installer. Each resource is configured separately by its dedicated UI allowing you to easily keep track of changes and upgrades. Controls are intuitively easy to use and self explanatory delivering a refreshing user experience.

Multiple outputs from the same project

Advanced Installer supports building multiple installers from the same project, drastically reducing the amount of steps and time needed to author an App-V installer. All you have to do is to specify that you also want an App-V build, hit the Build button and an App-V package will be generated next to your regular installer.

Per-build content

One base project is enough. You can include or exclude resources for different scenarios (debug, release, etc.). The same flexibility can be used to build App-V 4.x or App-V 5.x packages.

This feature is available starting with the Architect Suite. See more features.