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Developing Microsoft ASP.NET web apps? Advanced Installer can help you easily deploy your applications in standard Windows Installer MSI packages. Quickly configure all the necessary settings and requirements so that your application is fully functional and ready to serve once the installation is done.

Prerequisites and Target Platforms

Customize the runtime environment of your web application and the necessary prerequisites:

  • .NET Framework
  • Check the .NET Framework version and install it from: an open site, a file in package or an URL if the required version is not installed
  • Specify the ASP.NET version needed for your web application to function properly
  • Internet Information Services
  • The version of the Internet Information Services that resides on the server and which is needed to host your web application

Deployment Options

Advanced Installer offers flexible deployment options for your web applications:

  • Set your installer to automatically create a new website for the web application and configure the website's Host Name, IP address and Port
  • Existing Website
  • Deploy your web application to an already existent website updating the existing content
  • Virtual directory for the Default Website
  • Deploy your new web application directly under the Default Website

Application Pools

Configure and associate application pools with your web application:

  • Inherit parent item application pool
  • Do not create a dedicated application pool for your web application and instead use the parent one
  • Use an existing application pool
  • Associate an existing application pool along with its settings with your web application
  • Create a dedicated application pool
  • A new application pool with default settings will be created and associated with your web application. These settings can be modified after completing the wizard