How Smart Factory Streamlined the Application Update Process for Their Customers with Advanced Installer


Providing users with automatic access to the latest application version maximizes software usage and productivity.






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Smart Factory is a leading-edge manufacturing solutions provider, dedicated to driving the future of industrial automation and digital transformation. Smart Factory provides businesses with easy-to-use apps that offer valuable insights into their factory operations, revolutionizing the way they optimize production processes and achieve operational excellence.

Iconchallenge Challenges

The software development company was in search of an effective solution for packaging applications that could automate customer updates. However, they encountered a significant challenge - they required a solution that could seamlessly integrate with their existing Azure pipeline, ensuring smooth workflows and streamlined processes for their clients. The aim was to find an automated update process that could meet all of their requirements.


Automating the Update Process

The company’s objective is to ensure customers always have the latest software version without manual intervention or workflow disruptions.


Integration with Azure Pipeline

Seamless integration with their Azure pipeline was crucial to streamline their development process.

Iconsolution The Solution

Smart Factory made a strategic choice by selecting Advanced Installer for automating application updates, seamlessly integrating it with the Azure pipeline, and boosting overall efficiency. By leveraging Advanced Installer's autonomous functionalities, Smart Factory significantly reduced the time and effort spent on packaging and deployment. And as a result, they could dedicate more time and resources toward the development of their applications.

We chose Advanced Installer as our application packaging solution because of its ability to automate the update process for our customers.

The integration with our Azure pipeline was also a critical factor in our decision-making process. Advanced Installer's autonomous capabilities ensure that the software packaging process is streamlined and efficient, allowing us to focus on developing our application.

With Advanced Installer, we can ensure that our customers have the latest version of our software without any manual intervention or disruption to their workflow.

Frank Westervoorde

CEO at Smart Factory,

Iconkeyfeatures Key Features from the Advanced Installer Tool

1. Automatic Updater

By using Advanced Installer’s Automatic Updater, Smart Factory ensured that their customers always had the latest version of the software.

There was no need for the users to download and install updates themselves. As a result, the user experience improved, and support requests decreased.

2. Integration with Azure Pipeline

Seamless integration with the company's Azure pipeline was a critical factor in their decision-making process. Advanced Installer provided robust integration capabilities that allowed for smooth collaboration between development and packaging teams. 

3. Multilingual Support

The multilingual support allowed the Smart Factory team to create localized software versions for different languages and regions. This feature enhanced the accessibility and user-friendliness resulting in an expanded customer base.

4. Customization of Installation Process

Smart Factory was able to adapt the installation experience according to its branding by utilizing Advanced Installer's extensive customization tools, thus developing and retaining product branding familiarity.

Driving Success through Efficiency

Streamlined Application Development and Minimized Downtime During Updates

In the bustling world of software development, Smart Factory, a dynamic company with a dedication to customer satisfaction encountered a pressing challenge. They realized that the manual update process they employed for their applications was causing substantial downtime for their valued customers. Recognizing the critical need to minimize this downtime and maximize product usage, they embarked on a mission to find a solution that would streamline the update process and ensure uninterrupted workflow.

After conducting thorough research and evaluation, their search brought them to Advanced Installer, industry-leading application packaging solution. They were impressed by its capabilities that set Advanced Installer apart from the competition: advanced features, esteemed reputation for unmatched quality, support, and dedication.

With the implementation of Advanced Installer, a transformation took place. The once time-consuming and disruptive update process was revolutionized, allowing the company's customers to experience uninterrupted product usage. Updates were seamlessly delivered, eliminating the need for manual intervention or workflow disruptions. The result was a remarkable increase in productivity and efficiency, enabling customers to fully maximize the capabilities of the software.

Advanced Installer's autonomous functionality was a game-changer for us, allowing us to automate many of the tasks that previously required user intervention, and streamline our application development process.

Frank Westervoorde

CEO at Smart Factory,

How can you get started with Advanced Installer

To learn more about Advanced Installer and how it can empower your users with a seamless installation experience, schedule a demo with Advanced Installer engineers.

Alternatively, Advanced Installer comes with a 30-day full feature trial (Repackager & Updater module included) which allows you to explore in-depth its flexibility and technical capabilities.

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