Microsoft Documentation and Community Sites

If it is only one link you learn one from this book, it should be this one: "". This is Microsoft's landing page for all things related to MSIX.

From this page, Microsoft provides access to documentation, downloads, tutorials, videos, and the MSIX community known as “Tech Community” (the replacement of the old TechNet forums), and more.

Microsoft Documentation

Microsoft hosts its documentation on GitHub, and to help keep it up to date, they allow you to even mark up pages and make pull requests (the submission process used in git to request adding your changes into the documentation).

As it is typical with Microsoft Documentation, the Microsoft documentation for MSIX is filled with high level concepts, and low level details, but is commonly a little light on providing details to get the full picture.

This book focuses on some of the missing information, especially on helping you understand when and why you might use some of the information found in the detail-level document. It also explores the non-Microsoft options available out there.

MSIX Tech Community

The Microsoft Tech Community Site hosts hundreds of new community hubs created by Microsoft. Once you log in, you may register to the MSIX community. Then, go to  Microsoft Tech Community - MSIX to have direct access to the MSIX-based Conversations and Ideas (forum posts), along with Blogs posted by the MSIX development team.

This is a highly active community, and currently the Microsoft development team is heavily engaged in the conversations and ideas. If you need help, or just want to learn from others who may have faced a similar problem to the ones you're facing today, you’ll want to check it out.

Industry Blogs & Resources

Tim Mangan’s Blog - Confessions of a Guru – Blogs from TMurgent

MSIX Report Cards, by Tim Mangan - A series of research papers examining how MSIX is doing at various points in time - MSIX Report Cards

Advanced Installer’s Blog - Blog | The MSI(X) Experts Crib

MSIX Ready Apps - A collection of apps evaluated by the Advanced Installer team - MSIX Ready

Pascal Berger’s Blog - MSIX Archives

Social Media

On various social media sites, the hashtag #MSIX is used by folks sharing news and information about MSIX. At this time, Twitter seems to be the most popular for MSIX social media resources.