OS Version vs MSIX Functionality

The public rollout of MSIX started with Windows 1709. Ever since, Microsoft has continuously improved the platform with new and updated features.

To get an always-up-to-date reference of all the features listed in this book, you can bookmark the following URL on your browser:


This online list will be constantly updated by the Advanced Installer team.

By the time you read the first edition of this book, most Windows 10 enterprise users should be running Windows 10 1803 (considering Microsoft’s policy of supporting each update for only 18 months).

Assuming you are running 1803, we will skip the MSIX features available by default in this version and only mention a few of the most important features that require a newer Windows 10 version. (latest update: June 2020)

Modification Packages


Windows 10 S


As a target device for deploying apps in your infrastructure.

MSIX Bundles




Works if the Win32 app has the execution level set to “requireAdministrator“.



Enables downgrade scenarios.

Protocol Handlers


Shell Extensions


Support for Context Menu shell extensions. Other shell extensions might work.

NT Services


The services actually run outside the MSIX container.

User Registry Changes


Support for user modification of HKCU items in the package. Only available if the package has a User.Reg file.



Support for fonts in the package. The fonts remain contained within the package but are made available both inside and outside the container.