JSON FileJSON Files Updates

Advanced Installer's JSON Files Updates is a solution for handling JSON files during deployment or at install time, dynamically, without writing any code.

The JSON Files Updates functionality is used for configuring and updating JSON files that are part of the installation package or that are already present on the target system.

Using the JSON File Updates, you can:

  • Collect information about your users during the installation process and store it in the same JSON file installed by the package.
  • Update JSON files automatically during your application’s upgrade.
  • Perform various configurations to JSON files, including content structure and organization.
  • Update JSON files without deleting the past versions.

Create or Update JSON Files

The JSON File Functionality gives you the possibility to create a JSON file from scratch or update an existing one on the target system.

Our dedicated JSON File Install Tab allows you to customize the installation behavior settings of your JSON File.

Operation section

Smart Error Policy Option

Take precautionary measures in case an error arises during the JSON installation, such as:

  • Aborting installation where all the system changes will be rolled back.
  • Skip problematical files which caused the error.
  • Opt for creating backups before the updating operation.

Error policy options

Modify JSON Elements, Attributes, and Content

Complete numerous configurations to JSON files:

  • Create or update JSON content.
  • Remove JSON content at run-time or install time.
  • Organize elements and attributes, or localize its content.

Property settings

Managing JSON Files - Dynamic content update

Use our dedicated JSON File Editor to configure custom entries in your JSON files at install time or to simply update the JSON files.

This feature is available starting with the Enterprise Suite. See more features.