TransformMSI Transforms

Transforms enable fast and easy MSI preparing for automatic deployment. Create responsive and differential transforms with just a few clicks, following our wizard.

Optimized MSI Packaging

Whenever you don’t have access to documentation from a software vendor with all the required command line parameters for configuring a silent MSI installation the transform file is the solution.

Follow the Advanced Installer wizard to create a transform that records the UI changes for any MSI package, while you manually install it. The MST file generated can now be used for silent deployment together with the MSI.

Msi project

Transform Everything

If you want to change contents of the MSI package, not just record the GUI options during the installation, you need to use the the MSI QuickEditor from the Architect edition of Advanced Installer, as shown in the tutorial link above.

This feature is available starting with the Enterprise Suite. See more features.