IconpsfPackage Support Framework

Migrate your legacy application to the new MSIX packaging standard by using Advanced Installer’s built-in support for Microsoft’s Package Support Framework.

We offer the option to quickly debug, detect, and add fixups required for your application to run in the MSIX container, even if you do not have access to the source code of your application.

Working with fixups

Fixups are runtime fixes that hook into and redirect your application API calls, making sure they follow the best practices of the modern runtime environment required by the MSIX standard.

MSIX - Package Support Framework

The issues are displayed in the log and depending on their type you can easily add predefined fixups to solve them. No code is required, everything can be done directly from the UI.

See how you can use fixups in Advanced Installer in the following video.

For more custom scenarios, you can also create your own fixups.

More about the Package Support Framework

To learn more about the Package Support Framework and MSIX package format see our introduction article.

This feature is available starting with the Architect Suite. See more features.