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If you're distributing a RAD tool, providing your clients with a full installer authoring feature is only a couple of steps away. Windows Installer is the most popular engine for deploying applications and Advanced Installer's mission is to help any user meet its standards in an easy, interactive way.

Create installers from your RAD tool environment

Your clients will be able to build installers directly from the RAD Tool's user interface while working with the latest Microsoft technology.

Easy implementation

By using Advanced Installer at the core of your installer feature, you'll be providing a variety of installer options to your clients. The development team will be happy as well because the implementation work consists in executing a sequence of basic command lines.

Learn!RAD Tools Integration tutorial
Read the introductory tutorial and see how easy it really is.

It's all free !

GiftSince all of this comes with the Freeware edition of Advanced Installer, we're happy to hand out a gift to every RAD Tool company.