Advanced Installer 6.8 Release Notes

On February 5th, 2009 Caphyon Ltd. is proud to announce the release of Advanced Installer 6.8 in Free, Professional, Enterprise and Architect editions. This release is available for download on the Advanced Installer website.

The 6.8 version makes switching to Windows Installer easier than ever before by importing Inno Setup projects. Move to MSI setups without losing the time and effort already invested into your installers.

New predefined Custom Actions allow you to list all databases users can connect to in the installation UI, detect processes or services and call any function in any standard DLL.

Customize multiple installers generated from a single project with different GUI themes according to each target market and audience.

New features
  • Import Inno Setup projects
  • Call function from standard DLL predefined custom action
  • Ability to add new dialogs directly in the UI Sequence
  • List all databases the user can connect to
  • Detect process and stop process predefined custom actions
  • Detect service predefined custom action
  • Per-build GUI themes
  • Ability to condition standard actions
  • Detailed information when trying to remove a referenced file, folder or property
  • Wizard for "Browse IIS Websites & Virtual Directories" predefined custom action
  • Wizard for "Browse for SQL Servers" predefined custom action
  • Installed Office 2003 application predefined launch condition
  • Tab and dialog positions in the "Dialogs" page are now saved when the project is closed
  • New parameter for "/SetBitmap" command line option which allows per-build images
  • Select/Deselect All option when adding JARs to class path in Java Wizard
  • Option to play an audio file in a loop or only once
  • Configurable custom actions for merge modules
  • An update detection criteria can now use the ProductCode of a package and a component ID to determine the path of an installed file
  • Improved the "Invalid updates configuration file" message
  • Different return codes based on the Updater status
  • More passwords for access to updates are now remembered by the Updater
  • Dynamic folders can now be used by the Updater
  • All Updater dialogs contain the application name in their title bar
  • Option for suppressing non-important user actions when using the "/checknow" parameter
  • A prerequisite install condition can now search for a file placed next to the bootstrapper
  • Improved error message shown when an icon cannot be read
  • Improved EULA localization error message
  • Ability to change the identifier of a folder
  • Option to create a new property in the Property Picker
  • C# and VB.NET code samples for the licensing feature
  • A "Thank you for registering" message is now shown after the user enters a correct license key and clicks "Finish"
  • Updated 7zip Encoder / Decoder modules to use the latest LZMA SDK version (4.64)
  • Small drawing optimization when rendering images in "Images" tab of "Global Properties" page
Bug fixes
  • Crash when launching the Path Variables conversion wizard from a merge module project
  • Control Panel icon was not displayed when loading a project that used path variables
  • Default Programs application description was not updated correctly
  • Sporadic crashes when launching multiple files associated with a Java Product that ran in single instance mode
  • Extension selections for a default program were not saved in the project file
  • Updater showed a false error when downloading updates
  • Crash in "Custom Actions" page when creating a custom action under "InstallUISequence" -> "WelcomeDlg"
  • Resources referenced by project dialogs were not freed when the dialog was exported to Repository and later deleted
  • Setup did not copy correctly some URLs in the clipboard
  • Images list from "Global Properties" page did not refresh on first load
  • A shortcut hotkey was not saved when icon file was missing
  • File paths in "Files and Folders" page were not updated when files were replaced
  • A pseudo-formatted Product Name was not supported by Java Products
  • Fixed incorrect Windows x64 predefined launch conditions
  • Crash when switching names between two path variables
  • Fixed incorrect detection criteria for SQL Server 2005 predefined prerequisites
  • Incorrect modifications for bitmap control attributes were caused by bitmap display stretch global option