Multiple buildsMultiple Installer Builds

Often you need to create distinct install packages of your products, configured for different platforms or editions. Advanced Installer makes this extremely easy with its integrated build system which allows you to generate multiple separate installers from a single project.

Multiple build configurations

Once your application project is created, simply add different build configurations, starting from scratch or duplicating an existing scenario. For each installer you can then customize:

Resources added later to your project will be automatically available in all build configurations.

Learn!Create Multiple Builds tutorial
Read the introductory tutorial to see how easy it really is.

Multiple installer types

Advanced Installer supports the following build types, which you can add to your project in any number:

Windows Installer builds

  • Most used type of build
  • Can be used to create regular MSI installers
  • Installers can be optionally wrapped in EXE bootstrappers

UWP Desktop Bridge builds

App-V builds

MacOS X build

  • Installation package for Java applications ready to be deployed on Mac OS X
This feature is available starting with the Professional Suite. See more features.