Windows Installer EXE Bootstrapper

Upgrade the standard MSI extension design and functionality with Advanced Installer's powerful bootstrapper. With Windows Installer technology still at its core, the EXE setup can bring significant improvements, for an even better installation experience for your users.


The bootstrapper can perform a pre-install check for the required frameworks or applications and install them if needed. Choose between:

  • including prerequisites in the package
  • automatically downloading prerequisites from an URL
  • opening a website in browser and letting the user manage the download and install

NoteSetups can use MD5 for checking self and downloaded prerequisites integrity.

UWP installation

If you wrap an AppX (Desktop Bridge) package using the Bootstrapper, the resulting EXE can detect the user’s OS version, and install an AppX for Windows 10 or an MSI for older systems.

Online installation

By using Advanced Installer's EXE bootstrapper you can distribute a very small setup file which will check if the prerequisites and launch conditions are met. This way files and the MSI as well can be stored on the web site's server.

After preparing the installation, the bootstrapper will automatically download the MSI along with the necessary files and start the installation.

ImportantThe bootstrapper helps save considerable bandwidth expenses by downloading only the required CAB files based on the client's feature selection, not the entire installation package.

Latest version check

Version checking can be executed before installing the application package. If a newer version of the installation package is available, it will be downloaded and installed instead of the current one. Optionally use MD5 for checking downloaded updates integrity.

LZMA compression

This feature is useful when you have a large project that needs to be placed on a limited data-storage device. Advanced Installer can quickly compress the installation files using the LZMA algorithm.

Advanced UI features - WYSIWYG editor

With the help of the EXE bootstrapper, your installation packages can offer:

The EXE bootstrapper is fully customizable. This means you can edit its dialogs or add your own file icon, name, version and internal description (meta data).

This feature is available starting with the Professional Suite. See more features.