Advanced Installer 7.3 Release Notes

On November 9th, 2009 Caphyon Ltd. is proud to announce the release of Advanced Installer 7.3 in Free, Professional, Enterprise and Architect editions. This release is available for download on the Advanced Installer website.

The 7.3 release brings the simplicity and customizability of HTML to your installer's user interface. Create beautiful UIs scripted to respond to user input and installer events through the included Windows Installer - JavaScript full two-way bridge.

Building installers for Tomcat web applications, XNA games, or applications with separate client and server components? Advanced Installer hugely simplifies your task with dedicated project templates and wizards.

The newly implemented Custom Tables Editor allows you to visually add and edit additional data for your custom actions using the same standard MSI database and API used to store and retrieve your installer's data. Easily define tables and columns, insert rows.

New features
  • Custom Tables editor
  • Feature-based prerequisites
  • HTML Host control in Enhanced UI
  • Vertical line control in Enhanced UI
  • Predefined installer project templates for: Tomcat web applications, client-server applications and XNA Games
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 predefined launch condition
  • Predefined custom action for displaying a message box
  • Copy/Paste support for: Java products, registry, media, environment variables, file associations, custom actions, services, ODBC elements, SQL connections and scripts, scheduled tasks, themes, IIS elements and Game Explorer
  • Ability to edit administrative install dialogs
  • Improved rendering of theme images
  • Elements added by folder synchronization are displayed in another colour
  • Ability to test a folder synchronization
  • Added distinctive icon for folders installed in their parent folder
  • Added support for ProgramFiles64Folder in bootstrapper
  • Added project distribution and output pages to new project wizard
  • Support for password protected proxy servers in Updater
  • Added finish actions support in patches
  • Microsoft Office launch conditions are now evaluated together when specifying the same application
  • Added support for duplicating registry entries and configurations in a Windows Mobile project
  • Added support for building a configuration in the "Configurations" page of a Windows Mobile project
  • Browse dialog now supports custom control events in Enhanced UI
  • "/codebase" attribute for COM interop assemblies is now reset when changing location from private to GAC
  • Added URL and external files support for finish actions
  • Total and found reference counts are now displayed when checking for references
  • Ability to specify custom window flags for Close Application custom action
  • Larger dialog controls which support strings in all languages
  • dialog editor now displays an UAC shield icon on controls which use this attribute
  • Increased default height for combo box controls
  • Removed command line size limit for "Launch file or open URL" custom action
  • Improved shortcuts page in new project wizard
  • Prerequisites retrieved from an URL can now use a custom name for the downloaded file
  • Updater login window now has a specific title
  • Version-based extended searches now return the versions found
  • Installations which require Administrator privileges are no longer blocked by Windows Defender when launched at startup after a prerequisite reboot
Bug fixes
  • Registering a DLL did not extract information from the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, HKEY_CURRENT_USER and HKEY_USERS registry hives
  • Command line interface did not support adding two prerequisites with the same name
  • "Sunken" attribute used by Scrollable Edit controls was ignored when using a Windows classic theme
  • Error in Enhanced UI when an expanded combo box lost focus
  • AI_CEAPPMGR_LAUNCHER_DATA_PROP property was set even when there were no Windows Mobile applications configured
  • Advanced Installer help file was shown in a modal dialog
  • Combo box item text column did not pin MSI formatted references
  • Radio button formatted values were not expanded when using Enhanced UI
  • Error converting prerequisites when loading projects created with Advanced Installer 4.9 or older
  • Dialog Minimize button was not always displayed correctly when using Enhanced UI
  • Invalid serial number message was not displayed by Enhaced UI when no serial number was entered
  • Enhanced UI showed error messages for installers with property values longer than 512
  • Crash when pasting a dialog control that has the same size as the target dialog
  • Dictionary path stored in AI_USERDICTS path variable was not converted correctly
  • Pseudo-formatted filenames were not resolved correctly when using LZMA
  • Error dialog was not displayed after a custom action triggered by a control event failed
  • UNC paths were not validated correctly for the MSI folder path
  • CAB media option made the bootstrapper store files outside even if files can be stored inside
  • Installer did not resume after a reboot triggered by a prerequisite
  • Prerequisite file searches did not use the 64-bit flag when required
  • Renaming a file to a pseudo-formatted reference which resolved to the old filename was not supported
  • Resuming suspended installations started with Welcome dialog
  • Crash during MAC OS build when adding folders in the Java product classpath
  • HTML formatted text was not displayed correctly in an update description when localizing the Updater