Dialog editorWindows Installer Dialog Editor

The difference between a good installer UI and an awesome installer UI often lies in the little differences, the small tweaks and customizations that make your installer just perfect for your application and your users.

Advanced Installer not only starts you up with a beautiful, gorgeously themed User Interface, but then it helps you easily change it according to your needs.

Visual Dialog Editor

The WYSIWYG Dialog Editor offers accurate dialog preview rendering (native) on the editor canvas, all in real-time. MSI Formatted package references are visualised in-place for realistic UI previews.

The Editor is fully keyboard accessible and designed to wield powerful capabilities from an easy to use environment.

Learn!Using the Dialog Editor
Read the introductory tutorial to see how easy it really is

Use Built-in Dialogs

Advanced Installer comes with built-in, ready to use dialogs for license agreements, gathering logon information, configuring SQL connections and many more.

Alternate installer paths like Upgrade, Patch, Maintenance and Uninstall are covered by default. Just a couple of clicks and you'll have a package with basic functionality.

Create New Dialogs

If the built-in dialogs are not enough you can easily create your own from scratch. Our support will make the creation and maintenance of dialogs with complicated layout painless.

A complete set of tools is available to edit any built-in or custom dialog from the installation.

Moreover, by saving your custom dialogs to the Dialog Repository you can reuse package UI design and logic work throughout your projects.

Dialog Localization

If you have a multilingual application you will certainly want to create setups that are translated in the user's native language.

Setting up such a package using Advanced Installer's easy localization support with built-in Dictionary Editor will not take much of your development time.

Dialog and Control Actions

Add functionality to your controls and dialogs by using the Events Editor.

  • Published Events
  • Subscribed Events
  • Control Conditioning

A handy wizard waits ready to guide you step by step in setting up the most commonly used actions.

Installation UI Preview

Quickly testing dialog design and functionality is invaluable, especially in complex projects.

Advanced Installer brings a very realistic preview of the exact sequence in which the dialogs will appear at install time.

This feature is available starting with the Enterprise Suite. See more features.