Repackager iconRepackager Assistant

Document your repackaging process and save time on package maintenance operations and training new packagers, by using the Repackager Assistant.

Integrated Assistance

Every option you select during the repackaging operation is automatically saved by the Repackager Assistant in a configuration, so anyone can use it later on.

Additional comments and instruction can be typed in, as you go through the packaging process.

All the options and notes are saved in the same configuration file, so they will be automatically selected/highlighted at the corresponding step the next time you repackage a newer version.

One-click Screenshots

A picture tells a thousand words. While in the repackaging process uses the screenshot option from the assistant to capture detailed images with the exact configuration you want for the application being packaged at that moment.

All the images are automatically assigned to the same configuration file mentioned above, therefore the next time the configuration file is loaded inside the Repackager Assistant the screenshots will appear at the corresponding step, making it much easier to reproduce the same settings on the new version being repackaged.