Advanced LicensingApplication Trial and Licensing

Advanced Installer's trial and licensing feature allows potential clients to evaluate your application before purchasing. It enables them to fully activate the application only with your consent, after receiving a valid license key.

  • After the trial expires, the application will stop running until the user registers the product.
  • Registered copies of your product will revert to trial mode when copied on other machines.
  • Registration keys are generated and validated using cryptographic secure algorithms.
  • Modern UI assists the user in evaluating and registering your product.

Easy Integration

The Advanced Licensing support can be easily integrated with any application.

Learn!Advanced Licensing tutorial
Read the introductory tutorial and see how easy it really is.

Our samples include C++, C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET and Java, but the licensing elements can be retrieved from any type of programming language.

This feature is available starting with the Enterprise Suite. See more features.