Vm testTesting Installations in Virtual Machines

The built-in virtual machines manager from Advanced Installer allows you to test your MSI installations inside a VM with just a click. Connect your Hyper-V or VMware machines to our manager and we'll do the rest for you.

Respect Your Users

Testing your application in virtual machines not only saves you from lots of issues that your technical support team would need to handle, but it also helps you build an application that your users will love, thus increasing the chances for them to recommend it.

Select the VMs

If you are a Hyper-V or VMware user, you already have all that you need. If not, don't forget Hyper-V is included by default in Windows 10.

The following video and our step by step tutorial show how to select your virtual machines, by simply following our wizard steps.

Once you have configured your VMs, you can re-use them for testing as many installations as you need. You can also share them with your colleagues, for this read more about our Repository Manager.

Test the Installation

One click operation, just select your MSI build from the project and from our toolbar click the "Run in VM" option. This will spin the current VM automatically, loading the snapshot you specified, and running the installation inside, as you can see in the following video.

After the installation is complete, you can launch your app, as any new user does, and continue testing other components from it.

Once done, just forget about the virtual machine. Advanced Installer will automatically restore it to your desired snapshot, the next time you want to test the package.

Automate Your Testing

Use the command line support from Advanced Installer for automatically installing your packages inside the virtual machines configured in the VM manager from Advanced Installer.